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Photograph of lawn mower on green grass

Professional Garden Maintenance and Fencing Services

Maintaining a beautiful garden takes time and effort. That's why we offer comprehensive garden maintenance services tailored to meet your individual needs.

From regular lawn mowing and weed control to plant care and flowerbed maintenance, we will work hard to keep your garden looking its best all year.

Cutting the trees, please see also my other versions of hedge cutting and my other images

Garden Clearance

Is your garden in desperate need of a makeover? Our garden clearance service is here to help! We'll remove any unwanted debris, overgrown vegetation, or unsightly rubbish, giving you a clean slate to create the garden of your dreams. Whether it's an entire garden overhaul or just a small tidy-up, our team will ensure every corner is cleared to perfection.

Garden Fencing

A well-maintained garden is not complete without secure and stylish fencing. Our experienced fencing specialists will provide expert advice, professional installation, and top-quality materials, ensuring your garden remains private and secure.


Whether you need fencing for your commercial property, domestic residence, or farm, we have a range of options to suit your requirements. Our fencing services cater to all types of properties, providing sturdy and durable fences. From privacy fences to livestock enclosures, we can handle the job.

Hedge Cutting

Tired of tackling those unruly hedges on your own? Let our hedge-cutting service take care of it for you. We will trim, shape, and maintain your hedges to perfection, giving your garden a polished and well-maintained appearance.

Frustrated with the constant struggle to keep your garden looking its best? Relax and let us handle it! From regular lawn mowing to hedge cutting and weed control, we will ensure your garden looks stunning year-round.

Lawn Mowing

Keeping your lawn in pristine condition requires regular mowing, but who has the time? Our lawn mowing service will ensure your grass is cut to the perfect length, promoting healthy growth and a beautifully manicured appearance. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the hard work while you enjoy a stunning lawn.

Lawn Care

Beyond just mowing, proper lawn care is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Our lawn care services include fertilisation, weed control, aeration, and disease prevention, all designed to give your lawn the TLC it needs to thrive.

Weed Control

Pesky weeds can quickly take over your garden; our weed control services will tackle those stubborn invaders, ensuring your garden remains weed-free and beautiful. We use safe and effective methods to eliminate weeds without harming your plants, so you can enjoy a healthy and weed-free garden.

Tree Surgeons

Trees are magnificent features in any garden, but they require proper care and maintenance. Our tree surgeons are highly skilled in all aspects of tree care, from pruning and shaping to tree removal and stump grinding. We'll ensure your trees remain healthy and safe.

Woman pulling weeds out, dandelion with a roots
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